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The Intelligent Sourcing Platform

Find and engage a comprehensive pool of high-value candidates quickly and efficiently by applying AI techniques to a traditionally manual process.

Find Candidates Faster

Shorten sourcing from weeks to minutes by utilizing machine learning

Engage More Efficiently

Manage candidate outreach with a highly scalable 1-to-1 nurturing system

Increase Productivity

Narrow the talent pool with complex searching for faster ID of high-value candidates

Recruit Faster with Top of Funnel Intelligence

Leverage AI to identify total addressable candidate pools in real-time
Perform what-if analysis to model different hiring scenarios
Automate communication to high-value candidates
Use intelligent nurturing to build and strengthen relationships

Add Machine Intelligence Throughout the Sourcing Process

Intelligent Candidate ID

Upsider uses AI to identify and analyze the right candidates for your business and roles in real-time.

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Organize Candidates

Manage candidates in Upsider's Project Workspace: prioritize, segment, evaluate, and share candidate data.

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Candidate Nurturing

Engage with candidates using Upsider's automated multi-touch messaging campaigns and personalization canvas.

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Recruiting and the Impact of AI

Find out how AI is disrupting and revolutionizing recruiting:

Develop candidate pools in minutes
Know expected conversion rates
Reduce hiring time up to 40%
Lower recruiting costs
Automate prospect outreach
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