Hire More Predictably

Vastly improve candidate identification, forecast accuracy, and time-to-fill.

Upsider is a Recruiting Management System (RMS) that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate 90% of the work to get from job req to a first screening call.

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    Predictive Forecasting 

    Predicts candidate inventory, time, and level of effort required to hit hiring goals

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    Automated Sourcing

    Surface the best candidates for a given role; using AI, proprietary candidate data and look-alike modeling

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    Nurturing Tools

    Set up automated email campaigns, reach out directly via social channels, or connect directly through Upsider.

Faster, Cheaper, and more Predictable. How AI is solving the biggest recruiting inefficiencies
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world. Without question its impact will be felt across the entire economy. What does this mean for recruiting? Will recruiting become obsolete? What role does AI play?
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