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The Intelligence Sourcing System built for recruiting

Talent Data Platform

Integrated Talent Data

Upsider integrates all talent data to provide a real-time and unified view of talent pool coverage, including your ATS, CRM, and HCM platforms.

Real-Time Candidate Pools

Easily segment candidate pools based on dozens of variables like ATS/CRM coverage and Upsider model results.

Role and Geo-Based Relationships

Understand sourcing depth and coverage across all roles and geographic areas.

Intelligent Candidate Identification

Artificial Intelligence

AI analyzes roles and business signals against over 100 million candidates and 7 million companies to return real-time match results based on skills and experience.

Beyond Boolean

Upsider’s AI engine uses thousands of data points to determine the total addressable market of candidates that align with your role and business.

Control the Inputs

Full control over model inputs lets you quickly expand the candidate results based on changes to requirements or the available candidate pool.

Real-time Requirements Planning

Top of Funnel Forecasting

Use Upsider campaign performance metrics to understand how much candidate outreach is required to hit interview goals.

What-if Analysis

Upsider’s real-time scenario planning tools allow recruiters to quickly understand how a hiring manager’s requirement changes impact hiring metrics.

Align with Market Dynamics

Upsider’s flexible functionality enables recruiters to quickly respond to changes in role requirements and candidate pool fluctuations.

Candidate Outreach & Nurturing

Automated Campaigns

Create automated multi-touch messaging campaigns to engage candidates across multiple channels.

Personalization Canvas

Increase the speed and efficiency of one-to-one candidate outreach by having all relevant data in one easy-to-use interface.

Reply Management

Gain visibility into all replies across roles and team members. Share with hiring managers to jointly answer questions about the company and role.
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